Q2, 2024 - HubSpot Quarterly Updates

Love HubSpot? We designed these HubSpot-Salesmsg updates for you. Check out what’s new this quarter including enhanced search functionality for finding specific HubSpot users, failed broadcast detection that notifies you of scheduling issues, and more.

Q2, 2024 - HubSpot Quarterly Updates

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Q2, 2024 - HubSpot Quarterly Updates

Use PhoneCheckr in HubSpot Workflows

Sending automated texts from your HubSpot workflows? With our latest update, you can use our PhoneCheckr tool to make sure you’re only sending texts to valid phone numbers from now on. Simply check the box in Send SMS actions that says “PhoneCheckr,” specify the phone number field, and let us do the rest. This update ensures seamless contact syncs between your Salesmsg and HubSpot accounts. It keeps your contact data up-to-date and accurate across both platforms. Plus, enjoy real-time updates on the status and type of phone numbers you have in your contacts, thanks to PhoneCheckr.

Call Outcomes in Activity

Imagine knowing exactly how each sales call went: Did the call connect? Was there no answer? Or was the contact busy? With our latest update, you can see all these actionable insights from every sales call. When you make an outbound call, we'll automatically update the outcome in HubSpot Calls based on Twilio results. No more manual logging or guesswork – just accurate data at your fingertips, so you can make informed decisions and close more sales.

Q2, 2024 - HubSpot Quarterly Updates
Q2, 2024 - HubSpot Quarterly Updates

Search HubSpot Users

Find HubSpot users in seconds! Introducing seamless searching in "User Mapping." Just type at least one character from the user’s name, and boom! Our search bar will instantly filter the results for you. No need to refresh the page. You can also paste values from your clipboard or manually type them as you like. And don't worry about those pesky spaces. This latest update ignores all spaces at the beginning and end of your search query, to make finding your HubSpot users even easier. Also, search results are paginated for easy navigation, using our default Salesmsg pagination settings. Plus, inactive search fields have a slightly narrower width to keep things nice and tidy for you.

Automatic Failure Detection for Broadcast

No more failed broadcasts! Introducing automatic failure detection and notification for removed HubSpot lists. When you schedule a broadcast for a specific HubSpot list, we’ll keep an eye on it for you. If that list is removed or no longer exists in HubSpot, we'll detect the issue and send you a friendly message to let you know. No more surprises on your end! With this update, you'll always be informed about any changes to your synced lists, ensuring successful broadcast delivery every time.

Q2, 2024 - HubSpot Quarterly Updates

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