Q1, 2024 - HubSpot Quarterly Updates

Check out the latest updates from HubSpot and Salesmsg! Easily integrate Salesmsg with HubSpot to trigger workflows when a Salesmsg tag is applied, view live timelines, sync notes and more.

Q1, 2024 - HubSpot Quarterly Updates

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Q1, 2024 - HubSpot Quarterly Updates

Salesmsg Tags in Workflow

New for HubSpot workflows: Check out the new "Salesmsg: Tag Applied Properties" filter inside HubSpot. With this new filter, you can easily trigger workflows when Salesmsg tags are applied to your contacts. This means you can build workflows to automatically follow-up when Salesmsg contacts are created, Salesmsg conversations are started, calls are received and more.

MMS Media

New on your HubSpot timeline: Now you can review attached media from both inbound and outbound MMS directly from your timeline. This upgrade makes it easy to see what content you’re sending and receiving via MMS - which saves time and energy as your team is managing all text messages.

Q1, 2024 - HubSpot Quarterly Updates
Q1, 2024 - HubSpot Quarterly Updates

Salesmsg Notes

New for team collaboration: Seamlessly integrate Salesmsg conversation notes into your HubSpot contacts. Your Salesmsg notes sync as native HubSpot notes, complete with usernames and direct conversation links, for effortless tracking and collaboration with your entire team.

HubSpot Data in Salesmsg

New for Salesmsg 2.0: Manage contact integration effortlessly on the Conversation page. Access HubSpot data for Contact, Company, and Deals tabs without switching platforms. Plus, track integration status in real-time!

Q1, 2024 - HubSpot Quarterly Updates
Q1, 2024 - HubSpot Quarterly Updates

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