NEW! Custom Short URLs

Discover how to make every link uniquely yours with custom short URLs from Salesmsg.

NEW! Custom Short URLs

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NEW! Custom Short URLs

Customize Short URLs

Transform your link game with Salesmsg! Now you can replace any short URL with your own branded, customized short URL in every text message. Easily shorten long URLs into concise, personalized links to make a bigger impact. This is your chance to build your customers' trust, capture more attention and tell your brand’s story - just by using your own customized short URLs.

Add Your Own Domain

Craft your own unique URL experience! Designate your domain or subdomain for short URLs from inside Salesmsg. Enhance security by uploading certificates for HTTPS. Effortlessly map your chosen domain, and you’re good to go! Your leads and customers will see personalized, secure short URLs in every text message you send with Salesmsg.

NEW! Custom Short URLs
NEW! Custom Short URLs

Auto-Generate SSL Certificates

No more hassle with SSL Certificates for our Custom URL Shortener! We auto-generate them for you on verification. Get "verified" status when your DNS records and SSL are ready to go. Any errors? We'll guide you through how to fix them. Plus, we’ll auto-reissue SSL certificates before they expire, so you never have to worry about resubmitting them.

Use Draft Mode

Introducing Draft Mode for our Custom URL Shortener! Now, any  incomplete configurations are marked as Draft, Pending, or Verified, to ensure a seamless setup. Simply click or select "continue" for hassle-free completion. Keep an eye out for our vibrant red message box if your payment is pending.

NEW! Custom Short URLs
NEW! Custom Short URLs

Use Customized URLs in Messages

Easily personalize every text with branded, Custom Short URLs. Grab your customers' attention. Build their trust. Get better engagement to improve click-through rates. Plus, improve your SEO and potentially boost your ROI - just by adding your own tailored, Custom Short URLs to every text message.

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