NEW! Interactive Voice Response

Boost client connections with Salesmsg's IVR magic - personalize greetings, craft custom menus, and make client interactions memorable.

NEW! Interactive Voice Response

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NEW! Interactive Voice Response

What is IVR?

Direct callers efficiently by using digit-enabled prompts. Customize call routing, redirect to specific departments or employees, and even offer voicemail options. IVR streamlines interactions, reducing wait times and improving caller satisfaction.

Personalize Caller Experiences

Craft unique caller experiences with Salesmsg's IVR. Welcome your customers with personalized greetings and guide them through a journey that shows you truly understand their needs. Make every caller feel valued and appreciated, right from the first ‘Hello’.

NEW! Interactive Voice Response
NEW! Interactive Voice Response

Triage Calls

Through a series of menu options, you can seamlessly route calls to specific team members, external numbers, or other inboxes, aligning with your unique business requirements. Besides, you can customize each caller's journey, ensuring they connect with the right person or department effortlessly.

Provide 24/7 Support

Continuous customer support?! With our IVR in place, you'll never miss a call. Whether it's a pressing inquiry at midnight or a weekend request, our IVR guarantees your round-the-clock presence, delivering an unmatched level of personalized service to meet your customers' needs anytime, anywhere.

NEW! Interactive Voice Response
NEW! Interactive Voice Response

Reduce Manual Errors

Unlike humans, IVR is automated, minimizing errors. With an IVR, calls follow a pre-programmed logical sequence, reducing the potential for human judgment errors. Automating your call handling ensures each caller enjoys a consistent IVR experience every time, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Integrates with your favorite apps

Simplify, scale, and streamline your business by connecting your tech stack with our apps

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Don't see an integration you need? We use Zapier to fill in any gaps.

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