Intercom Features Integration

Send and receive text message natively right from Intercom!

Intercom Features Integration

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Intercom Features Integration

Send & Receive SMS from Intercom

With our native Salesmsg integration with Intercom, two-way messaging directly from your Intercom Inbox just got easier, providing lightning-fast connectivity to your leads and customers. With a staggering 98% open rate, text messaging is the ultimate channel to engage and connect with your customers — anytime, anywhere.

Automatic Tagging

All conversations are automatically tagged in Intercom, which allows you to effortlessly route them to the right team with Inbox Rules providing the best possible customer support.

Intercom Features Integration
Intercom Features Integration

2-Way Contact Sync

Salesmsg and Intercom integration brings you a seamless and hassle-free way to keep your contacts in perfect harmony between Salesmsg and Intercom. With our advanced syncing capabilities, managing your contact data becomes a breeze. No more manual transfers or worrying about inconsistencies – our system takes care of it all.

Map Your Inboxes

Simply map all or a subset of your Salesmsg inboxes to your Intercom account, and voila! You can start texting your customers via Intercom in no time. You can map only the inboxes used for customer success & support teams to ensure clarity and focus.

Intercom Features Integration
Intercom Features Integration

Intercom Timeline Events

Never miss a beat with our powerful integration between Salesmsg and Intercom! Stay completely in the loop and effortlessly updated on all crucial events through Intercom's Contact Timeline. Whether it's a text message, phone call, voicemail, or any other communication, we've got you covered.

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