NEW & Improved HubSpot Integration

Salesmsg for All HubSpot Workflows, Advanced Send SMS Action, Import & Sync HubSpot Lists, Create & Update Salesmsg Contact Action, Outbound Messages Round Robin Assignment

NEW & Improved HubSpot Integration

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NEW & Improved HubSpot Integration

HubSpot Workflows

Multiple Workflow Types

Salesmsg Triggers and Actions are now available for all standard HubSpot workflow types. This includes Contact, Company, Deal, Ticket, Quote, and Feedback submission based workflows. Create and send SMS/MMS texts right from your automation workflows to boost their effectiveness.

Salesmsg Actions

Advanced Send SMS Action

The Send SMS workflow action got a major update with the Advanced Send From option. You can now map Salesmsg Inbox IDs to HubSpot Contacts and the Send From number will be dynamically assigned. This greatly simplifies the creation of workflows that require outbound messages to be sent from different inboxes for different contacts based on a specific assignment rules such as region or customer life cycle.

NEW & Improved HubSpot Integration
NEW & Improved HubSpot Integration

Import & Sync

HubSpot Lists in Salesmsg

All your HubSpot lists are now available for you in Salesmsg. With a few clicks, you can import and sync HubSpot lists into Salesmsg. From there you can filter your contacts in Salesmsg based on list membership. You can also run dedicated Salesmsg Broadcasts for your imported HubSpot lists.

Salesmsg Actions

Create & Update Salesmsg Contact

The brand new “Create or Update Contact"  Salesmsg action gives you the ability to create or update Salesmsg contacts right from your Contact-based automation workflows. You can pick one or more HubSpot Contact tokens for the phone number property. The First name, Contact Owner, Email and Last Name will be automatically passed from the HubSpot Contact record to ensure you have complete records in Salesmsg.

NEW & Improved HubSpot Integration
NEW & Improved HubSpot Integration

Conversation Assignment

Outbound Message Round Robin Assignment

If you rely on HubSpot workflows to send mass messages, you no longer need to worry about unassigned conversations. Salesmsg’s Round-Robin Assignment feature now works for outbound messages as well. All your outbound messages will be assigned to ensure inbound responses from your customers don’t go unnoticed.

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