Enhanced Conversation Management

Prioritize, Filter, Sort or Auto-Close Conversations to Suit Your Preferences and Needs!

Enhanced Conversation Management

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Enhanced Conversation Management

New Conversation Filter

What's New: Introducing the Needs Response filter! Now you can effortlessly differentiate unreplied conversations where no manual outbound message was sent from broadcasts, HubSpot workflows, triggers, and keywords. This feature allows you to focus on conversations that truly require your attention, reducing noise and clutter.

Conversation Sorting

Enhanced Sorting Capabilities: We understand the importance of managing conversations efficiently. That's why Salesmsg now offers three sorting options: Newest, Oldest, and the all-new Priority First. By combining these sorting options with the "Needs Response" filter, you can prioritize conversations that have been waiting the longest for a response, ensuring that your most time-sensitive interactions are addressed promptly.

Enhanced Conversation Management
Enhanced Conversation Management

Highlight Important Conversations

Priority Labeling: Never let critical discussions slip through the cracks again. With our new "Highlight Important Conversations" feature, you can mark conversations as a top priority. This simple yet effective feature ensures that essential discussions are given the attention they deserve, preventing them from being overlooked in your busy inbox.

Auto-Close Inactive Conversations

Effortless Management: Tired of cluttered inboxes filled with inactive conversations? Salesmsg has you covered. Activate the Auto-Close feature, specify your desired timeframe, and watch as any inactive conversations are automatically closed after the designated period. This feature saves you time and keeps your conversation list organized.

Enhanced Conversation Management
Enhanced Conversation Management

Auto-Close Conversation on Unsubscribed

Opt-Out Streamlined: Managing opt-outs can be a hassle, but not with Salesmsg. By activating the "Auto-Close Conversation on Unsubscribed" setting, you can ensure that conversations are automatically closed when contacts choose to opt out. This feature simplifies your workflow and ensures compliance with opt-out requests, making your communication process smoother than ever.

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