Salesmsg Calling Enhancements

Supercharge Customer Connections and Comms with our enhanced calling features!

Salesmsg Calling Enhancements

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Salesmsg Calling Enhancements

Voicemail & Call Transcription

No time to listen through endless voice messages? Need to go back to the details of an important conversation? Our solution? Call Transcription. Simply enable transcription for your voicemail and calls, scan through text and save yourself valuable time. Available on web, Chrome and our mobile app.

Log Calls on Pipedrive

Our new Log Calls Feature on Pipedrive gives you complete context of each conversation even if you missed the call. Armed with voicemails and call recordings logged in your Pipedrive Timeline, deliver personalised experiences and superb customer service with utmost efficiency.

Salesmsg Calling Enhancements
Salesmsg Calling Enhancements

Log Calls on ActiveCampaign

Don't miss a beat! Tap into our secret weapon: specific context for every conversation, even if you weren't there. Having voicemails, transcripts and call recordings at your fingertips within the ActiveCampaign Activity Timeline, you'll be equipped to create one-of-a-kind customer experiences.

Forward Calls to Voicemail

Let's face it. Sometimes you just can't answer a call. Here’s what you do: toggle the 'Calls Forwarding to Voicemail' option and instantly send inbound or declined calls to voicemail and get some much-needed time back. Then, quickly browse through the transcription and reply to your customers on your own terms, preferably with a cup of coffee.

Salesmsg Calling Enhancements

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