Built-in Compliance

A2P 10DLC registration, compliance alerting, and more!

Built-in Compliance

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Built-in Compliance


Check Your 10DLC Profile

Right in the Organization Settings, you can view a summary of your 10DLC profile. It includes all the key information such as the type of package your business is registered for, Starter vs. Standard. It also includes the current status of your registration as well as your trust score.


An Intuitive Registration Flow

Based on your usage, you may be over the limits of a Starter package thus you would need to register for Standard. With the intuitive registration flow we added, the registration process is a breeze. You can very easily include all the information required by carriers to register your Brand and Campaigns in no time.

Built-in Compliance
Built-in Compliance


Compliance Alerting

Compliance to A2P-10DLC rules is built into Salesmsg. If you qualify for the Starter package, your are automatically reregistered for it. When your usage grows beyond the Starter package limits, smart alerts within the products will promote you to register for standard to stay compliant.

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