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Inc 5000 Salesmsg
2X Inc 5000 Winner! #27 Fastest Growing Company in the SE
G2 High Performer Small Business 2023
"I use Salesmsg every single day!"
G2 High Performer Mid-Market 2023
"I fell in love with Salesmsg!"
G2 Momentum Leader 2023
G2 Fastest implementation
" I absolutely love this software!"
HubSpot reviews
"The HubSpot integration is flawless!

Two-Way Business Texting

Send, receive, and manage SMS conversations online

Salesmsg gives you a simple dashboard to send, receive, and manage text message conversations online or on the go. Engage with your customers faster with two-way texting.

Unlimited contacts

Send MMS gifs, images, videos, and more

Assign chats to teammates

Text from any number

Text using local, toll-free, landline, and short codes

Communicate with leads and customers the way they prefer — texting. Salesmsg can text-enable your existing landline business phone number or provide you a new one for you to use.

Look local, professional, or use a number you already own

Built to scale for low and large volume

Place calls, take calls, or setup call forwarding

team collaboration

Private & shared inboxes

Whether you need a private inbox for each sales rep or a shared inbox for your support team to manage conversations together, Salesmsg makes it easy to design the perfect inbox for your needs.

Provide private or shared inboxes for your team

Flexible inboxes support multiple members and numbers

See one or all conversations across every inbox


SMS marketing made easy

Want to send out a mass text message to a group of contacts? Quickly send a single personalized SMS or MMS text message in seconds. Upload your contacts, create a personalized text message, schedule or send your message now, track clicks & conversions, and see its performance.

Upload contacts and segment to target your messages

Send personalized texts, images, videos, & attachments

Track clicks, conversions, revenue, and download reports

Salesmsg apps


Deep integrations unlock your SMS superpowers

Connect our SMS software to your favorite apps to seamlessly send personalized text messages, make calls, and track everything on your CRM system.

#1 SMS app for HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, & more

Deep integrations with the most popular apps

Integrates with over 1,500+ apps via Zapier

Brian Moran

Brian Moran


Salesmsg tripled our sales in 60 days!

"For my mother-in-laws dance studio, we tried everything: local ads, Instagram, Facebook ads, Yelp, even the Yellow Pages, but it wasn't until we started texting with Salesmsg that everything changed. We TRIPLED the business in less than 60 days!"

Text & call online

Save your thumbs. Text or call from your computer, anywhere in the world.

Wendell Scott SaaS Academy

Wendell Scott

SAles manager

Cut no-shows 20% & added $90K MRR

"Since implementing SMS through Salesmsg, we’ve reduced demo no-shows by about 20% and it helps us bring in about $90,000 in additional sales each month! It's been amazing! "

All the features you need to succeed

Everything you need to easily create, send, receive, and manage your conversations online.

Local phone numbers

Look like a local by getting a local phone number for your business. Find the perfect phone number with the right area code.

Toll-free numbers

Look professional with a 844, 866, 888, even an 800 toll-free number. Send and receive SMS, MMS, even make calls.

Dedicated short codes

Send SMS marketing campaigns from a dedicated short code. Easily send 10 or 10,000 text messages in just a few clicks.

Merge fields

Use merge fields to personalize your text with custom data from your CRM or marketing automation platform.

Shared inbox

Collaborate with your team's text message conversations using a shared inbox. Triage conversations as a team from one inbox.

MMS texting (pics, gifs)

A picture is worth a thousand words and now you can easily send and receive pictures, gif's, even vCards with Salesmsg.

Call forwarding

Never miss a call with our built-in call forwarding feature. Forward calls to your mobile, landline, or office line.

Landline texting

Have an existing landline number? Text enable your existing landline and text from the one you already have.

Import & export contacts

Easily import contacts from a .CSV file, from a list in your favorite CRM, or even by copy-pasting your desired contacts.

Auto-reply business hours

Setup your business hours and an auto-reply message to send when a contact tries to reach you in off hours.

Canned responses

Save time by responding to frequently asked questions using template Canned Responses in 1-click.

Schedule text messages

Easily schedule messages to be sent to a contact at a later date. Set the day, time, and we'll take care of the rest.

Opt-out management

Built-in opt-out and unsubscribe management makes it easy for you and your contacts to manage your contacts.

Double opt-in

Need consent from your customers to text them? Use our double opt-in feature to connect and ensure compliance.

Archive conversations

Move your conversation out of your inbox with archive. And when you need to see the conversation just search and it's all there.

Calendar integrations

Book appointments right from chat. Add to Google, Office 365, or your CRM's calendar application in one click.


Add expression and personality to your conversations with emoji's. Send a smiley, thumbs up, or raise your hands to say hi.

Private conversations

Provide each team member their own unique personal number to send and receive text messages to keep conversations private.

Internal Notes

Add internal notes to conversations and discuss customer questions behind the scenes with teammates before replying.

Search contacts

Search your contacts and conversations to pull past chat history, continue the conversation, or start a new one.


Segment your contacts with tags to create groups to filter, sort, and send unique messages to at a later date.

Beautiful analytics & reports

Measure the performance of all your messages, campaigns, and team in one place with built-in analytics, reports, and dashboards.

Patrick Crowley Electrum

Patrick Crowley

Director of Sales

One platform to manage all of our texts

"The fact that Salesmsg is an innovator in the SMS and business transaction space gave us lots of confidence. It’s proven to be a reliable tool when communicating with our customers."

Robust features built to help you scale

Short URL's

Turn long URL's into short one's with our SMS link shortener. Plus, we'll track clicks, conversions, and revenue generated from your links.

Text-to-join keywords

Capture leads and build your SMS list with SMS keywords. Unlimited keywords with unlimited opportunities to build your lists.

Website chat widget

Add our widget to your website to capture leads and engage with people in real-time over SMS. Easily turn traffic into leads.

Video SMS

Easily upload a video and send it as a 1:1 conversation, to a group, or as a mass text message to a list.

Attachments (PDF, docs, & more)

Want to share a PDF, Word doc, or Excel file with a contact? Share invoices, files, and more with your contacts over SMS.

User permissions

Set specific permissions for your team for members, managers, admin, and more to share access to specific features.

Group SMS

Add 2, 3, or 5 people to a group chat so everyone can stay in the know. Easily add, remove, and see the conversations live.

Contact notes

Add notes on a contact for your whole team to see to share information about your leads, customers, and clients.

Dynamic segmentation

Quickly filter and create dynamic segments based on contact info, activity, area code, country, tags, and more.

Outbound calling

Make outbound phone calls from your Salesmsg numbers from your computer, mobile apps, and Chrome Extension.

Receive inbound calls

Get incoming phone calls with your Salesmsg numbers across all devices. Never miss a call with instant notifications.

Call recording

Record your calls on-demand or automatically record calls to save your most important conversations for later.

Call history

Easily see your calling history on your contact timeline just like your texts. Play your recorded calls and more.

Mute callers

On a live call, just click the Mute button to mute your line so no one can hear you. Click to un-mute to talk again.

Conversion tracking

Understand exactly how  Salesmsg is driving your key business outcomes such as meetings booked, products sold, and much more.

Analytics & Reporting

Get up to date, real-time, rich analytics and reports on calls, messages, conversations, and performance metrics.

Geo-targeting segmentation

Filter your contacts and setup geo-targeted dynamic segments based on area code, state, country, and time zone.

Recurring broadcasts

Create personalized broadcasts that recur on specific intervals like every Monday, every two weeks, even every 2nd Sunday of the month.



Use our built-in AI-assistant to quickly create and craft personal responses. Type up your text and have AI tweak your responses in just a click.


Ringless voicemail

Easily drop your custom audio message right to your contacts voicemail inbox without ringing their phone.


IVR (Interactive voice response)

Look professional with our new IVR phone tree calling system. Press 1 for sales, 2 for support, and customize your inbound calls for your business.


Audio text messaging

Crate rich texting experience with audio text messaging. Just record your audio from your dashboard and send to your contacts.


Custom URL shortener

Use your own custom domain name for your own links to keep your brand at the center of your messaging.


Email to SMS

Reply to your text messages by replying to an email. Connect your email to Salesmsg and respond to conversations from anywhere.

Text & call from your phone

Text on the go like you usually do. Now, with super powers.

Greg Hickman Alt Agency

Greg Hickman


Decreased no-shows by 45%

"Salesmsg has completely eliminated the 'phone tag' game and replaced it with real-time conversations over SMS. We've decreased our no-show rate by 45% for our sales appointments and the personalized touch has helped our team close sales faster and with less effort."

Safe, secure, scalable, and fully compliant

We built robust tools and safeguards to protect, keep you safe, and keep you compliant

A2P 10DLC registration

Simple, automated, and up to date 10DLC registration is at the core of the Salesmsg platform. We do it for you so you don't have to.

Toll-Free verification

You're in good hands with Salesmsg's state of the art toll-free verification compliance system. Get your numbers verified in just a few steps.

STIR/SHAKEN compliance

Built-in STIR/SHAKEN ensures that your calls don't get flagged as "Scam Likely" by the major telecoms.

CNAM (Caller ID Branding)

Brand your outgoing calls with your company name using our verified Caller ID (CNAM) service to increase trust and reputation with your calls.

TCPA compliant texting

Equipped with opt-out management, double opt-in, and many other robust features to keep you on the right side of the law.

Data security

Our vendor is certified under ISO/IEC 27001, secures data between customer applications, and supports TLS 1.2 encryption.


Multi-factor authentication

Enable multi-factor (MFA) authentication across your entire organization to ensure strict security standards. Enable SMS, Google Auth, or email.


Log out user devices

Secure your account even more with the ability to log-out users devices from your admin panel ensuring safe managemet.


Voice Integrity

Secure your calls and prevent "scam-likely" with your outbound phone calls using our robust voice integrity service to ensure validated calls.

Integrate with your favorite apps

Simplify, scale, and streamline your business by connecting your tech stack with Salesmsg

Coming soon...

Don't see an integration you need? We use Zapier to fill in any gaps.


Trusted by thousands. Loved by large & small.

"I love that it works with our HubSpot CRM system and our existing phone numbers. I can't imagine trying to track individual texts without it."

Sarah M.

Sarah M.

Director, Life Is Now

"Salesmsg has completely changed the way we connect and engage with our leads. We've been able to close more deals in half the time!"

Keron Howe

Keron Howe

Partner, Property Nation

"Salesmsg is extremely easy to set up and integrate with my CRM. Two-way texting with leads and customers has never been easier!"

Amanda S.

Amanda S.

Marketing Manager, Acceptu

Simple, scalable, transparent pricing

Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime.


per month

500 credits

4.0¢ per additional credit

👍 FREE 14-Day Trial
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What's included:

Unlimited Contacts

2-Way SMS / MMS Texting

Mass Texting


Free Local or Toll-Free Number

Dedicated account manager

Premium phone support


per month

1,000 credits

3.5¢ per additional credit

👍 FREE 14-Day Trial
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What's included:

Unlimited Contacts

2-Way SMS / MMS Texting

Mass Texting


Free Local or Toll-Free Number

Dedicated account manager

Premium phone support


per month

2,500 credits

3.25¢ per additional credit

👍 FREE 14-Day Trial
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What's included:

Unlimited Contacts

2-Way SMS / MMS Texting

Mass Texting


Free Local or Toll-Free Number

Dedicated account manager

Premium phone support


per month

5,000 credits

3.15¢ per additional credit

👍 FREE 14-Day Trial
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What's included:

Unlimited Contacts

2-Way SMS / MMS Texting

Mass Texting


Free Local or Toll-Free Number

Dedicated account manager

Premium phone support


per month

7,500 credits

3.10¢ per additional credit

👍 FREE 14-Day Trial
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What's included:

Unlimited Contacts

2-Way SMS / MMS Texting

Mass Texting


Free Local or Toll-Free Number

Dedicated account manager

Premium phone support

Need more than 10,000 messages?

custom pricing

Speak with of our team to learn more.

What's included:

Unlimited Contacts

2-Way SMS / MMS Texting

Mass Texting


Free Local or Toll-Free Number

Dedicated account manager

Premium phone support

flags canada and usa

Available in the USA & Canada

Chat Seats: $10/mo

SMS = 1 Credit (160 characters)
MMS = 2 Credits (1600 characters)

No questions asked. No hard feelings. No shenanigans.

Risk-free 30 day money back guarantee

We guarantee that you'll absolutely love Salesmsg and if for some reason you decide later that it's not a fit for you or your business, then we'll happily cancel your account without any penalties and refund your account less message credits used. No questions asked.

Joe Ben Zvi


Joe Ben-Zvi

Instantly increased response rates by 52%

"From task automation to workflow integration, Salesmsg has allowed us to move forward and innovate getting us an almost immediate increase in response rate by 52%. Everyone loves the service too! So glad I found Salesmsg!"

Patrick Conley


Patrick Conley

Immediate ROI in our first week!

"This is the app we've been dreaming about after months of manually using other phone line services that didn't integrate with our CRM. Our team finds it incredibly easy to use. It's a no-brainer must-have tool for your business."

CEO & Founder

Dr. Christine Sauer

The BEST SMS app!

"This is one of the best SMS and call apps I have encountered so far. It integrates with ActiveCampaign and also lets me record calls. The call quality is great and the setup is easy. The customer support is great and new features are added all the time."

Sarah Bigby

Inside Sales

Sarah Bigby

15X ROI in less than an hour

"WOW! We started using Salesmsg on Monday morning and in less than an hour received 15X ROI on our initial investment! We absolutely love how easy Salesmsg is to engage with our leads and customers with texting."

Michail Koziol


Michal Koziol

Boosted webinar attendance to 90%

"Salesmsg is just what we need to build the relationships with our clients. We had another campaign we did using SMS - an offline seminar meeting, where 90% of attendees confirmed that they showed up only because they got the SMS reminders."

Kevin Jimeno


Kevin Jimeno

72% increase in outreach engagement

"We were limited to emails and leaving voicemails when a client was unavailable to answer the phone. The advantage Salesmsg gives us is quicker response times and an all-inclusive contact strategy increasing our outreach engagement by 72%!"

Philip Powis


Philip Powis

Increased reviews by 21%

"Before we were using another service’s built in text messages, but you can't respond to those. So we actually book sales now by text with real time personalized text. Plus, we increased our reviews by 21%!"

Cody Romness


Salesmsg + HubSpot, does all that we need to do!

“Because we’re a small operation, I didn’t want a lot of complexity unless it was going to make a massive difference. Salesmsg + HubSpot, does all that we need to do in an easy-to-execute way.”

Ryan Fletcher


Saves me 3 to 4 hours a week

“When I discovered that Salesmsg lets you create canned responses, I was excited. I knew that feature would save me 3 to 4 hours a week. When I see that I've dealt with the same question before, I can send people a canned response.”

William Schroeder


Speeds up that back and forth communication

“Salesmsg lets us communicate with and qualify inbound leads. It also helps us to understand peoples' needs better. The fact is, everything in today’s world is so fast-paced, and it speeds up that back and forth communication.”

Terry Chenowith

Technology Director

Speeds up that back and forth communication

“Salesmsg buys us freedom. On top of that, it helps us be better coaches. I think that's the biggest thing, it helps us take care of our clients in the way they deserve to be taken care of.”

Jim Ouellette

Talent Scout

I can easily keep in touch with 5,000 people, where before, it was hard to follow up with two

“In the past, I had to cut and paste messages to a couple of hundred people on Sundays. But now, all my texts are pre-written and automated. Nowadays, I can easily keep in touch with 5,000 people, where before, it was hard to follow up with two.”

Stacey Van Roosendaal


I was able to sync Salesmsg with ActiveCampaign

“I was able to sync Salesmsg with my email tool, ActiveCampaign, and they work really well together. That was the number one reason I chose Salesmsg over tools like Google Voice, WhatsApp, and others.”

Kendra Bolton


Being able to text our customers at scale has been amazing

“We use Salesmsg to reach out to people because nobody wants to talk on the phone. Being able to text our customers at scale has been amazing!”

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