How to Use Google Adwords Click-to-Message To Close More Sales

How to Use Google Adwords Click-to-Message To Close More Sales

A few months ago Google announced a new feature for Adwords called Click-to-Message that now gives advertisers a way for consumers to text their business from ads. Over 65% of consumers say they'd consider using messaging to connect with a business, text messaging has become a pivotal part of today's business environment.Here's how to use Google's click-to-message feature to start generating leads from text messages...

What are Adwords Click-to-Message Extensions?

Adwords click to call extensions have been around for years and now people can text with your business with the click of a button. Tapping on the texting option launches the users native SMS app with a pre-written message that's you create when you create your extension.

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It's really easy to setup and can setup schedules on when the extension will display to users.Now let's dive into how to set it up...

1. Create/Edit Your Adwords Campaigns

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First, you'll need to create or edit your existing Adwords campaigns. We recommend editing your current campaigns to simply add message extensions to it.After you create or select your campaign, click on Ad extensions and then click on the dropdown menu to select Message extensions.

2. Select Your Extension Location

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Google gives you the ability to add your extension to the Account, Campaign, or Ad Group.

Account Level Extension

An account level extension will place click-to-message across your entire account, regardless of the website or specific ads your have running. We suggest using this if your website remains the same across all of your Campaigns and Ad Groups.

Campaign Level Extension (Recommended)

This will place your extension across your entire campaign. In most cases, we recommend using this option for click-to-text as most likely your ad groups and ads are for the same website.

Ad Group

You can choose a specific extension to use for your ad groups too. Google allows you to get granular with your messaging and which extension to use for which ad group. This is for hyper targeting and tracking your messaging.Once you've selected the level, then click the red Extension button to create your new message extension.

3. Create Your Message Extension

Adwords SMS

Now we get to the fun stuff. From here, you'll simply create your message extension to place in your campaign.

Business Name

This is the business name that will appear in your ads. Insert the name of the business here.

Text Phone Number

This is the phone number that Google will insert into the users SMS app. Put in your Salesmsg phone number or other number to receive your text message replies.

Extension Text

This is the headline that will prompt people to text you. Keep it simple with something like "Text us." No need to get fancy here.

Message Text

This is the message that will be inserted in the users SMS app when they click on the ad.


We recommend setting up your schedules to ensure that when people text you that you have someone to manage the messages in real-time.That's all there is to it.Now let's dive into some of the results that companies have experienced using Google's Click-to-Message extensions...

The Results

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"Click-to-message ads have proven to be a great way to help prequalified customers start the hotel reservation process in a way that is convenient and easy for them. They can text an agent to get questions answered, continue the conversation on their own timetable, and trade booking information before completing the final checkout over the phone or on our website. It's a seamless and streamlined process that helps increase brand trust. The conversion rate on message extensions is 41% higher compared to other ad extensions. Paired with customer support software, they’ve also allowed our agents to respond to requests in a more efficient and cost-effective way. ”- Gabe Thayn, Director of Search Marketing, TravelPASS Group

"Click-to-message is a useful tool that allows consumers to engage with our business in a way that’s comfortable and efficient for them. They could be on their commute or in a rush, so they can text us quickly through click-to-message. It’s also a good medium to get questions answered that aren’t addressed on our website, or to reach us during hours when our office is closed. Our main performance objective is to help customers as much as possible - when we take care of their questions and needs in a helpful, relevant way, that leads to better business results."- Gavin Chan, Digital Marketing Manager, AnyVan

"The results from click-to-message have been phenomenal and we've seen a 80% higher conversion rate when compared to other similar channels. We can now tap into an important consumer base that prefers to use SMS to learn more about our insurance products. Besides giving users a new way to get in touch with us, we feel this is by far the fastest and most cost-effective way to connect with them."- Gavin Parker, Paid Search Manager, Auto & General

“We started testing click-to-message as soon as we heard about it. Text messaging is a popular medium of communication among young professionals and the opportunity to engage them through SMS is very exciting. We sell industrial equipment and supplies, which can be very technical. Sometimes customers don’t have time to talk over a web chat or phone conversation, but still need more information. Messaging helps simplify these exchanges and the customer response has been very positive since they can post a question and follow up in their own time."- Ashar Mairaj, VP of Marketing, Global Industrial

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