New Feature! Pre-Write Text Messages with Canned Messages (Responses)

We're exciting to introduce a new feature called, Canned Messages, that will save you lots of time by inserting your pre-written messages into your chats.

New Feature! Pre-Write Text Messages with Canned Messages (Responses)

This morning we added some brand new features to Salesmsg to make messaging your contacts a breeze. Introducing... Canned Messages - the easiest way to pre-write your text messages to quickly insert into your chats.If you're finding yourself sending the same message over and over again, then you're going to love Canned Messages.

Unlimited Canned Messages (aka: Templates)

Now, you'll be able to create pre-written template message, along with merge fields, to easily insert into your chat messages with your contacts. So from your Settings page, you'll see a new tab called "Canned Messages" and from here you can create your messages to use in you and your teams chats.

Canned responses

Creating Your Canned Text Message

Creating your canned message is easy. From the creation modal, you can give it a title, choose to make it public for your team to use, select the integration (to pull down merge fields), and enter in your message.

Canned Responses

Share With Your Team (Team Wide)

As an admin, you can create messages that you can share with your entire team.  Whether it be messages for driving sales, initiating a conversation, or scheduling a call, you have full access to create unlimited messages for you and your team.Once you share with your team, your other members will have the ability to select this message from the chat screen.

How to Select a Canned Message From Chat

On the chat screen, click the "+" sign and up will appear your canned messages and the ability to create a new one. If your canned message has merge fields inserted, Salesmsg will automatically insert the contact's information in the text message for you.

Canned template

And that's pretty much it!


So how do you plan on using this new feature? What messages do you plan on templating? Let us know in the comments below. Sign up for your 14-day trial with Salesmsg here.

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