7 Top Business Texting Features From March 2021

7 new business texting features to help you communicate faster, sell more often, and manage all of your company texting in one place.

7 Top Business Texting Features From March 2021

Imagine not having email 5 years ago. How many missed sales, connections, or flabbergasted customers would you have? Hard to quantify, but let’s just say without email, many businesses (maybe even yours) would not be here today. So now that SMS is the new email, business texting is expected!

In this article, you’ll discover 7 new business texting features designed by Salesmsg to help you communicate faster, sell more often, and simply manage all of your company texting in one place.

7 Newest Business Texting Features

  1. Landline Texting Made Simple
  2. SMS In ActiveCampaign Automations
  3. Real Time Search For Pipedrive Chrome & Mobile Users
  4. Bigger Canned Message Preview Window
  5. Hover Over To See Long Trigger Names
  6. New Conversation Assignment & Sent By History
  7. Conversation Chat Box Is Now “Sticky”
  8. BONUS: Try Salesmsg Business Texting For Free

Landline Texting Made Simple

If your leads, customers, and contacts call your office line, but text a mobile number or Google Voice, you can now add SMS to your landline, without switching numbers or phone carriers.

As long as your landline isn’t a VOIP number, you can use the new fast pass process to turn your old number into a hot modern text enabled sales and support machine!

This could be the turning point to launch your revenue, customer support, or team collaboration to new heights. In our opinion, this is the best landline texting service.

SMS In ActiveCampaign Automations

If you had your choice, learn one app or two apps to accomplish your tasks, you’d probably choose one. Well if you’re an ActiveCampaign user who wants one place to do all of your business texting, now you can!

Simplicity is beautiful. The Salesmsg SMS / MMS app can now be dropped directly into your automations under CX Apps!

Now no matter what Trigger you use, such adding or removing tags, page visits, or a Stripe or Paypal order is received, you can build a Salesmsg text to fire off right inside that automation.

If you use webhooks, you can now just build natively inside of Automations!

HOT TIP: ActiveCampaign users, if you install Salesmsg Chrome Extension, you can read and respond to all text while inside of ActiveCampaign, for the “All In One” experience.

Real Time Search For Pipedrive Chrome & Mobile Users

Nod your head if you agree… exporting and importing contacts from system to system is a pain in the rear. Yup and that’s why we added real time search for Pipedrive users a few months ago.

But if you didn’t know, we also recently extended “real time search” for Pipedrive users to instantly send and receive business texts through the Chrome Extension and the highly rated iOS and Android apps as well.

Just type in the name of the contact you want to text into the search bar and BAM! We’ll go pull that contact over, so you can start texting without any messy importing.

Real Time Search For Pipedrive Chrome & Mobile Users

HOT TIP: Pipedrive users, the Salesmsg Chrome Extension lets you live in Pipedrive too without needing to switch back and forth between Pipedrive and Salesmsg to manage your business texting.

Bigger Canned Message Preview Window

You probably get the same questions over-and-over again. Rather than write back from scratch every time, canned messages “can” help you manage this! Plus everyone on your team “can” respond using a standard message.

That makes this newest enhancement to Canned Messages “Big.” Literally. The size of the box displaying your canned messages is now bigger! Before this mod, long canned messages where harder to find at a glance.

Now there’s more screen real estate dedicated to displaying the canned message, making it easy to see the whole message, saving users a little bit of time and frustration. Tiny wins add up!

Bigger Canned Message Preview Window

Hover Over To See Long Trigger Names

Sticking with the theme of “tiny wins,” this next enhancement really helps Salesmsg users who use webhooks to fire texts from their CRMs and marketing automation software. Like the last enhancement, this enhancement makes it easier to see triggers with really long names.

Salesmsg users who’ve created a unique naming convention for their triggers will love this.

Hover Over To See Long Trigger Names

New Conversation Assignment & Sent History

Many hands makes a light load, but too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the broth! A major benefit of shared SMS inboxes allow your team to swarm to support leads and customers. That’s a good thing.

Response times go down, lead conversion and NPS scores go up! But without clear ownership over who's managing what conversations in the shared inbox, confusion and mistakes are bound to happen!

So please welcome these two enhancement to your shared inbox’s conversation timeline.

New Conversation Assignment & Sent History
  1. The conversation timeline now displays the name of the assignor and assignee of the conversation. In this case “Nance S” assigned the conversation to “Kevin Murphy.”
  2. The conversation timeline also now displays the teammates who replied the message next to the timestamp. In this case, “Kevin Murphy” replied.

Conversation Chat Box Is Now “Sticky”

Here’s the last “tiny win” to make your life inside of Salesmsg just that much better. The chat box is now “sticky.” That means if you scroll up into a conversation, the chat box will follow you along.

Before this, Salesmsg users would scroll up and down, and up and down, when responding to message that took place over many separate texts. Now you can skim that conversation and read and write as you go.

Try Salesmsg Business Texting For Free

Business texting has become an essential part of how people interact with you and your business. These 7 features and enhancements are designed to help you and your team interact back! If you haven’t yet chosen a business texting platform or interested in trying Salesmsg, you can start a free 14 day trial.

Choosing the right business texting platform doesn’t have to be hard or expensive, especially with services like Salesmsg, which is designed to help sales, marketing, and support teams,

We believe conversations are good for business and we can be a powerful partner in yours. So if you have any ideas or feedback you’d use to know, show, share and tell us!

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