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Frequently Asked Questions
You have questions. We have answers.
What do I need to do to join the Early Adopter Program?
To secure your spot in the Early Adopter program, save up to 48% on Ringless Voicemail, and get these NEW bonuses, just purchase $99 (one-time purchase) or more message credits with Call Loop by Sunday December 31st at 12am Eastern.
What’s the deadline to get Ringless Voicemail and the bonuses FREE? 
This Ringless Voicemail launch offer ends Sunday, December 31st at 12am Eastern (or 9pm Pacific).

To get Ringless Voicemail and our all-new bonuses FREE, just purchase $99 or more Call Loop message credits before December 31st at 12am Eastern (9pm Pacific).
I'm in! When will I get access to Ringless Voicemail and the bonuses?
Great! When you purchase $99 or more message credits this week, we expect to grant you access to Ringless Voicemail and the bonuses in early January 2018. There are two ways to get access to Ringless Voicemail and the bonuses.

If you're NOT a Call Loop member yet: Purchase at least $99 or more message credits before Sunday, December 31st at midnight Eastern.

If you’re already a Call Loop member: Use your current Call Loop email address and purchase $99 or more message credits before Sunday, December 31st at midnight Eastern using this link.
Are there any other costs to access Ringless Voicemail?
The $99 or more is a one-time payment to secure your spot, the message credits + 20% bonus messages, and the extra bonuses. Going forward, there are no monthly fees to maintain your Ringless Voicemail on your account.
Do my message credits expire?
Nope. All message credits purchased do not expire.
Does Ringless Voicemail work internationally?
Yes, you can login and use Call Loop internationally, however at this time Ringless Voicemail is only able to deliver messages to US and Canada phone numbers.

We only charge for successful voicemail drops.
What is the discounted Ringless Voicemail rate I'll get with this deal?
When you join and become an Early Adopter in this special offer, you'll get a 20% bonus when buying message credits during this promotion. 1 message credit = 1 SMS text, 1 60-second voice broadcast, or 2 credits per ringless voicemail drop. (ex: 10 contacts x 1 Ringless message = 20 message credits) 
How successful can I expect my campaigns to be?
We’ll send your voicemail to all of the phone numbers you select. If any of the messages can’t be delivered, you’ll be able to see that in your dashboard. Many of our customers track their ROI when running campaigns, which we highly recommend.
Does Call Loop's Ringless Voicemail work on landline phones?
Call Loop can send voicemails to U.S. and Canadian mobile numbers and select landline phones. In order to be compatible, a landline must include a voicemail box provided by their phone service provider. Call Loop does not connect to PBX systems. 

When sending to these types of phone systems, users may experience a short ring. Since determining compatibility is difficult, we give you the option to remove landline phone numbers from your campaign.
What payments do you accept?
We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal.
Does this come with a guarantee?
Yes, absolutely! Like all new Call Loop accounts and purchases come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you join before Sunday and find for whatever reason that this is not for you, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll issue you a refund less credits used.
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