Bold New Business Texting Features For April 2021!

Salesmsg business texting updates! What's news... shared inbox typing indicators, filter failed messages, view tagged contacts and more!

Bold New Business Texting Features For April 2021!

Hey, friends! it’s time to look at the most recent business texting features we released! They will help you sell faster, support with expert care, and simply create experiences your teams and customers will love!

If your job has anything to do with selling, marketing, customer support or managing a team, lean in and listen close. These updates are for you!

Filter Failed Messages

This hot new business texting feature lets you see which messages failed to send or get delivered. If you routinely send SMS broadcasts, you know there's always a few numbers in your list that don't work.

It can be a pain clean and clear them out...until now.

Here’s how it works.

After a major broadcast, instead of trying to manage failed numbers one-by-one in the same view as your fresh new live conversations, you can now use the filter option to show you only “Failed” messages.

Once you’re there, you can use the “Close All” button to quickly close out those messages.

Boom. Click. Done.

See Who's Replying With Teammate Typing Indicators

Having a dedicated shared inbox for your sales team, marketing team, and support team makes it easy to manage the style and types of conversations in each department.

However when more than one teammate is managing and responding to a message in a shared inbox, a problem can pop up. If it’s not clear, two teammates could respond at the same time.

Oops... business texting fail!

Now, with teammate typing indicators, you’ll be able to see when another teammates is responding. It's the (now) universal language of the triple dot typing message indicator. This tells you that message in progress. Business texting for team just got better!

Don't Get Stopped! Get Backup Payments Methods

If you were a kid in the 80’s or 90’s you might remember the line from Back To The Future 2, “Hover boards don’t work on water unless you got power!”

(Sorry if that cultural reference was lost on you. Some of us are old.)

The same is true for SMS. Texting doesn’t work unless you have credits.

Our auto-recharge features makes sure your broadcasts get sent in full and all incoming replies reach you and your team if you go over your credit balance.

To give you failsafe protection, we recently added the ability to add a backup card. So in the event your primary card fails, no worries. All of your incoming and outgoing business texts won’t skip a beat!

To add an additional card...

  • Go to “Billing Overview” in your settings as the account owner
  • Click billing overview and click add payment method.
  • You can then select the primary and back up card using the three little stacked dots

Easily Find And View Tagged Contacts

How many of ya’ll use tags inside of Salesmsg for broadcasts or organizing your contact lists? Well then this is for you!

In your settings, you can find a complete list of all your tags. You can see how many contacts are under each tag. This actually has always been here, but new is the ability to jump from list of tags page, to a list of contacts with that tags.

Wanna see all the contacts tagged as Lead? Easy.
Wanna see all the contacts tagged as Webinar Registrant? Done.
Wanna see all the contacts tagged as “Clients”? Nooooooo problem!

It's really easy. Click a tag name. Then you'll see all the people with that tag.

"Click-to-SMS" Across The Webinar Chrome Extension Enhancement

Could this next feature change your life? It might, really. No joke.

When you download the Salesmsg Chrome Extension, you get the ability to send, receive, and manage all of your shared inboxes from any webpage. The extension keeps you focused.

You don't have to flip back and forth between the tab you're in and the Salesmsg tab to read and reply to messages.

This feature has been out from a long time too. But what's new and possibly life changing is what we call “Number Highlighting”.

With the Chrome Extension installed, this feature looks at the webpage you’re on, finds telephone numbers, and then puts a little blue Salesmsg icon next to it.

When you click the icon, Salesmsg will automatically import that number, bring you into Salesmsg, and you can immediately start a conversation with them.

We believe the easier and faster it is start a conversation, the more people you can serve and the more business you’ll generate.

What To Do If You Have Ideas You'd Like To Share

Well that wraps up this month's business texting updates from Salesmessage! On behalf all the people working behind the scenes at Salesmessage, here’s a big thank you to the customers who speak up and share their ideas on how to make Salesmesage better! So much of what we build comes from you! So if you have ideas or suggestion, visit

So until next time… let’s keep going and growing together! Oh, and if you're not yet a customer visit for a free 14 day trial

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